Business Process Management

Business Process Management

How human services programs can make time for what really matters
Published: Dec 13, 2023
Publisher: Administration for Children and Families

Alex Bauer

Over the past five years, Project IMPROVE has used business process management with TANF and other human services practitioners across the country to improve their program operations, including streamlining paperwork and refining program processes and policies. Those practitioners have described how business process management has improved staff satisfaction and participant experiences and praised its value as a way to support building and using data and evidence.

This brief shares examples of human services programs that have applied business process management strategies in partnership with technical assistance (TA) providers and gives an overview of how programs can undertake similar work to strengthen service delivery. It concludes by providing additional resources related to business process management to support practitioners on their continuous quality improvement journey.

Project IMPROVE is a project of the OFA that helps Temporary Assistance for Needy Families (TANF) and related programs learn to use and produce evidence to improve their programs.

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