Lecture Pour Tous Lean Testing Findings Memo

Lecture Pour Tous Lean Testing Findings Memo

Published: Jun 06, 2024
Publisher: US Agency for International Development
Associated Project

Rapid Feedback Monitoring, Evaluation, Research, and Learning

Time frame: 2016–2022

Prepared for:

U.S. Agency for International Development

The RF MERL consortium partnered with LPT to use Lean Testing to evaluate ICT tools as they were being piloted in order to improve their design and effectiveness during scale-up. Methods included in-person usability testing, SMS content testing, and semi-structured interviews. Usability testing showed that teachers and directors were able to use LPT-provided SIM cards to send and receive messages, however users did not understand the content of all messages they received from the program. Several recommendations were made to improve the functionality, impact, and operational components of the ICT tools.

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