Medicare Payment for Telehealth

Medicare Payment for Telehealth

Published: Mar 15, 2022
Publisher: Mathematica

Neetu Jain

Early in the COVID-19 public health emergency, the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services expanded coverage of telehealth services delivered by allowed providers in Medicare Advantage and Original Medicare. This move simplified continuity of care for Medicare beneficiaries and encouraged wide use of telehealth services in both programs. As a result, telehealth has become a common method of delivering health services to Medicare beneficiaries. In this brief, we discuss the use of telehealth services both before and during the public health emergency, patterns of use among Medicare beneficiaries, challenges to expanding use of telehealth, and the future of continued payment for these services in Medicare.

This brief is the first of a series that examines current and emerging issues in the Medicare Advantage program.

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