Seven Questions to Consider About Teacher Apprenticeship Programs

Seven Questions to Consider About Teacher Apprenticeship Programs

Published: Feb 09, 2024

Regional Educational Laboratory (REL) Central

The U.S. Bureau of Labor estimates that, nationally, there were 567,000 fewer teachers in public schools in 2022 than there were prior to the COVID-19 pandemic. In the REL Central region, addressing teacher shortages is among systems’ highest education priorities.

REL Central is supporting two partnerships focused on mitigating teacher shortages, the Mitigating Teacher Shortages in Wyoming through a Teacher Apprenticeship Program partnership and the Strengthening the Teacher Pipeline in South Dakota to Alleviate Teacher Shortages partnership.

Because teacher apprenticeships are a relatively new approach to mitigating teacher shortages, there is minimal rigorous research available on their development and implementation. Read the full infographic to learn about the decisions that our partners have made and that states interested in implementing teacher apprenticeship programs might consider.

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