Grounded in rigor and driven by data, Mathematica has been a trusted partner for more than 50 years.

Our more than 1,200 seasoned experts tackle tough challenges by asking insightful questions and testing innovative ideas. Together, with a shared mission, we move beyond process to improve quality, affordability, community well-being, and value.

With Mathematica, you can make progress through the following methods:

  • Measure development, implementation, and strategy. Our expertise in creating, testing, and implementing metrics gives you a clear picture of your progress so you know where to go and what to do next.
  • Data analytics and reporting. We catalyze data through synthesis and modeling to help you understand what’s happening, why, and where to target your interventions.
  • Program evaluation. Mathematica is a trusted partner that will design, implement, and rigorously test new initiatives to surface timely insights about what’s working—or what’s not.
  • Learning collaboratives. Skilled at convening varied stakeholders, our facilitators engage and refine key elements to help disseminate and implement effective programs.
  • Program integrity. We partner with you not only to identify, address, and prevent waste and abuse, but also to comply with program requirements, especially under new payment and delivery models.

With Mathematica on your team, you can make real change.