Behavioral Science in Economic Analysis


Project Overview


To incorporate behavioral science into the analytical support, activity management support, trainings, and tools USAID provides to its Missions and Operating Units.

Project Motivation

In 2021, Samantha Power, Administrator of USAID set forth a vision to put behavioral science at the center of USAID’s work, with the goal of enhancing the potency of USAID’s efforts.

Partners in Progress

Integra LLC

Prepared For

U.S. Agency for International Development

By considering the full range of psychological and social factors that hinder individuals from adopting beneficial behaviors or accessing services, behavioral science can expand the set of strategies considered for addressing poverty.

The study was designed to inform USAID’s four learning objectives related to:

  • Improving the usefulness of EMD/E tools and technical support for Mission staff
  • Encouraging experimental evaluations of behaviorally informed interventions
  • Learning about behavioral tools and guidelines from other development organizations and agencies
  • Integrating behavioral science concepts into EMD/E economic analysis tools

The final report contains 11 recommendations based on insights from key internal and external informants synthesized with findings from a scan of over 450 research studies and other publications. Each recommendation provides concrete examples of steps that EMD/E and partners within USAID can take to implement it.

Related Staff

Paolo Abarcar

Paolo Abarcar

Senior Researcher

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Gregory Chojnacki

Gregory Chojnacki

Senior Researcher

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