Meet Our Volunteers

Jim Reschovsky, Sous Chef, Miriam's Kitchen

The tools of the trade for a line cook and a senior fellow in health research couldn’t be more different. But for Jim Reschovsky, it’s a contrast that fuels passion for both areas of his work. Almost every month, you’ll find Jim working as a sous chef preparing breakfasts and dinners at Miriam’s Kitchen, the legendary Washington, D.C. soup kitchen.

“Cooking is definitely different then conducting research,” says Jim. “It’s abstract versus concrete work. As a line cook, you can see the immediate fruits of your labor.”

In 1996, Jim began coordinating volunteers for Mathematica and its affiliate company, the Center for Studying Health System Change. After nearly two decades, he shows no signs of stopping. In fact, all that time sautéing, chopping, and roasting ultimately influences his work behind a laptop.

 “Working at Miriam’s Kitchen, one really gains an appreciation for the immense individual and broader costs to all of society incurred when homeless people don’t get the services and supports they need,” he says.”

“For those of us who are privileged in this society it just makes sense to do what we can for the less fortunate,” says Jim. “It’s gratifying to be a part of both Miriam’s Kitchen and our Mathematica team. It’s just a lovely, social activity.”