Human Services

Mathematica serves as the insight partner for human services changemakers by illuminating the path to progress. By rigorously evaluating policies and programs, we provide the evidence to solve urgent social challenges. From systematic reviews of the effectiveness of home visiting programs to behavioral interventions that improve participation in job training, we partner with federal, state, and local decision makers to help shape the key questions and extract actionable evidence. Our more than 1200 experts dive deeply into complex social issues with a combination of methodological expertise and substantive knowledge on employment, education, family strengthening, early childhood, nutrition, and disability to guide progress together.

Over more than 50 years, Mathematica has partnered with a wide range of funders providing social services to families and communities. With our partners, we have focused on the big changes and the details that make a difference in peoples’ lives. Our expertise ranges from improving the quality of early childhood programs to ensuring seniors have access to healthy food choices. We help those funding and implementing human services programs to augment and reimagine the ways they gather and use data. We fit the tools to the data and the questions, drawing from a toolbox ranging from rapid-learning approaches to complex random assignment evaluations. Regardless of approach, we bring rigor and objectivity to deciding what to do next. That’s how we’ve partnered with Atlanta Public Schools to turn around low-performing schools and how we’ve helped Colorado’s Department of Human Services make the most of its data from the Temporary Assistance for Needy Families program.

Our Featured Work
  • MOCTAIL Project
    Models of Coordination and Technical Assistance to Achieve Outcomes in Communities

    For the Models of Coordination and Technical Assistance to Achieve Outcomes in Communities project, Mathematica will partner with ASPE to explore several dimensions of federal-to-local efforts for cross-sector social service coordination.

  • Youth CareerConnect Evaluation

    The Youth CareerConnect program is designed to encourage America’s school districts, institutions of higher education, the workforce investment system, and their partners to scale up evidence-based high school models that will transform the high school experience for America’s youth.

Expert Spotlight