OnPacePlus and Mathematica Help Employers Gauge COVID-19 Workforce Readiness

OnPacePlus and Mathematica Help Employers Gauge COVID-19 Workforce Readiness

Dashboard analyzes data to assess employees’ supplies, health, and other stressors
Jun 09, 2020
A worker wearing a face mask hangs a sign in a window reading "Covisecure: Welcome" above the word "OPEN".

As states prepare to enter the next phase of their COVID-19 journey, employers—especially health care providers—need to ensure the safety and efficiency of their workforce. Employers can help create a safe environment by managing their inventory of personal protective equipment (PPE) and determining employee access to equipment and health services. And by maintaining reliable information about workforce readiness and leveraging technology to easily assess potential employee-patient outbreaks, they can enable employees to return to work, restoring a sense of normalcy.

OnPacePlus and Mathematica are partnering on a workforce-readiness dashboard to help employers achieve these goals. The data-driven, visual analytics tool provides key statistics related to workforce readiness, uncovers insights about providers and their practices, and highlights the well-being of employees within specific job functions.

Designed for administrators managing the frontline response to COVID-19, the tool uses data from a staff monitoring instrument to understand self-reported symptoms of COVID-19. The monitoring instrument also asks questions about demographics; perceptions of access to PPE, ventilators, and their components; and home environment stressors. Using the visual analytics from the dashboard, organizations can manage their workforce’s availability and readiness throughout different locations within their network. Known inventory can also be compared with employee perceptions of access to these products to help employers reconcile where there might be gaps in distribution.

“This tool gives us the ability to transform how health care is delivered in a digital world. We have the opportunity to save lives, get back to work, and restore safe zones,” said Dr. Christopher Williams, founder, OnPacePlus.

“We are excited to partner with OnPacePlus on this evidence-based, data-driven solution to help give organizations the confidence and clarity they need to take on the complex challenges of COVID-19,” said Paul Decker, president and chief executive officer, Mathematica.

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