Systematic Reviews

systematic review graphic

Not all evidence is equal. Reviewing the research on programs, policies, or interventions can help policymakers, program directors, and others in the policy arena who have a stake in high quality evidence determine what works. Across a number of focus areas, Mathematica uses systematic research reviews to explore and assess the quality of evidence of many complex studies. Our systematic reviews develop and apply standards to assess the quality of existing studies. We use a five-step process to synthesize the results of high quality research that helps clients and practitioners use evidence more effectively when they make policy decisions and put policy into practice.

But evidence reviews are only part of our approach. We then summarize and disseminate what we learn through reports, presentations, webinars, blog posts, briefings, data visualizations, videos, and other innovative channels to ensure decision makers have access to the best available evidence.

Our industry-leading research reviews include:

To learn more, watch our forum on "Systematic Reviews as a Tool in Evidence-Based Decision Making."