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Your management information system shouldn’t get in the way of your work. Whether you are a grantee trying to deliver services to participants or an agency or foundation sponsoring a program evaluation, your work is the top priority. That’s why Mathematica developed RAPTER® (Random Assignment, Participant Tracking, Enrollment, and Reporting). RAPTER is a modular system that can support a range of projects, from random assignment studies to case management and participant tracking. RAPTER was designed with a highly secure architecture and cloud-native infrastructure, enabling it to scale as your needs evolve while keeping your data safe.

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Participant intake and program enrollment: RAPTER offers a user interface that can be customized for your program to streamline participant eligibility and enrollment, manage consent, and collect demographic, service, and outcomes data.
Random assignment: RAPTER includes a random assignment feature that can be tailored to your study’s assignment criteria, so participants can be assigned to treatment or control groups in real time.
Case management and service tracking: RAPTER can assign participants to case managers who can update participants’ information as they progress through the program.
Individual and group service delivery: The service tracking and workshop modules can be configured to document reminders and contacts with participants, and to schedule and track individual service appointments and group-based workshops.
Reporting: The data explorer feature empowers users with ad hoc tabular reporting with complex filtering, grouping, sorting, and more. Once views are created, they can be saved and referenced quickly for future use. RAPTER also includes data extracts and dashboard visualizations and can be customized to meet other reporting needs.
Security: RAPTER protects your program data at the front door and the back. Its infrastructure is built on the FISMA compliant Amazon Web Services, keeping your data safe from attack. RAPTER was designed using NIST’s security guidelines and includes dual-factor authentication, role-based access, and user session timeouts.

Who should use RAPTER and for what?

Nonprofit or for-profit program operators
RAPTER can simplify reporting so you can meet your funding requirements and demonstrate your program’s progress.

Foundations or grant providers
Monitoring a range of grantees can be expensive and difficult. RAPTER can aggregate data and report findings visually to support decision making.

Government agencies
RAPTER works in education, human services, and health environments to help you measure participation and progress through services.

Research organizations
RAPTER can help you evaluate programs’ effectiveness by collecting consistent, high quality outcome data from study participants.


RAPTER in Action

Watch the 4-minute demo to get an idea of how to use RAPTER for participant tracking, case management, and reporting.

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