Ghana Power Compact: Evaluation Design Report

Publisher: Washington, DC: Mathematica
Jul 29, 2019
Duncan Chaplin, Delia Welsh, Arif Mamun, Nick Ingwersen, Kristine Bos, Erin Crossett, Poonam Ravindranath, Dara Bernstein, and William Derbyshire

The Ghana II Compact, a partnership between the Millennium Challenge Corporation (MCC) and the Government of Ghana, was created to promote the use of private sector partnerships in Ghana’s power sector; improve the quality and reliability of power distribution systems; improve access to legal connections for micro, small, and medium-sized enterprises; and promote energy efficiency to manage demand growth. This evaluation design report presents Mathematica’s plans for conducting a decade-long evaluation of the Ghana II Power Compact. The report describes the background for our evaluation, the questions we intend to answer, the data we plan to collect and use, and how we will analyze those data.


Ghana Power Compact Evaluation


Millennium Challenge Corporation

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