Technical Assistance: Grantees Help Families Navigate the Workforce and Child Care Maze

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U.S. Department of Labor, Employment and Training Administration

Many low- and middle-skilled workers who aspire to gain skills and education for higher-paying jobs need to find safe, healthy, affordable, quality care for their children.

 The Strengthening Working Families Initiative involves providing technical assistance to 14 public-private partnership grantees that are collaborating to address parents’ training and supportive service needs, while helping families navigate the workforce and child care systems.

Mathematica and its partner, the Urban Institute, are collaborating to help grantees increase their capacity to assess challenges and needs and capitalize on opportunities to align workforce and child care systems. We are also helping identify creative, workable strategies for creating systems change and engaging and serving families. The goal is to create sustainable local change while assisting grantees to implement strategies and monitor success. 

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