Catherine Pratt
Human Services

Catherine Pratt

Pronouns she/her/hers

Catherine Pratt is a human services researcher who specializes in evaluating and providing technical assistance to programs that aim to improve educator and student outcomes.

Since joining Mathematica in 2021, Pratt has worked on a range of projects in education for both federal and foundation clients. Currently she is a co-lead for the Regional Educational Laboratory Central partnership in South Dakota, which works to help education partners in the state generate and use research and evidence to address pressing education challenges. She also serves as a technical assistance liaison for two grantees funded through the Middle Years Math initiative. She served as project director for the Math Impact Model project that modeled the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation's K-12 strategy as a decision-support tool, showing the potential impacts that foundation strategies may make on aligned outcomes.

Pratt holds an M.P.A. from Columbia University.

  • Program evaluation
  • Continuous improvement
  • Research technical assistance
  • Networked improvement
Focus Area Topics
  • Human Services
  • Education
  • Employment

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