Kerry Schellenberger
Human Services

Kerry Schellenberger

Data Analytics Developer

Kerry Schellenberger serves two roles at Mathematica, as a data analytics developer and a member of the Diversity Council. In zir work as a data analytics developer, ze supports data cleaning and management for a variety of clients, from foundations to federal. Ze uses tools such as SAS, STATA, R, and Python to conduct analyses in areas such as early childhood development, employment, techniques for educating elementary school students, and postsecondary education reengagement.

As a member of the Diversity Council, Schellenberger helps evaluate strategy to foster diversity, equity, and inclusion in Mathematica’s workplace and work processes. Ze has hosted and moderated several company-wide events aimed at improving LGBTQ+ inclusion.

Schellenberger holds a B.A. in philosophy, politics, and economics as well as in gender, sexuality, and women’s studies from the University of Pennsylvania.

  • Survey design
  • Data collection and management
  • Programming languages, such as R, Python, SAS, and STATA
  • Data reporting and visualizations (including R markdown, Tableau, and other forms of table/graph generation)
  • Diversity, equity, and inclusion
Focus Area Topics
  • Human Services
  • Early Childhood
  • Family Support
  • Education
  • Employment

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