Mathematica’s Commitment to Our Black Colleagues and to Social Justice

Mathematica’s Commitment to Our Black Colleagues and to Social Justice

A Message from Mathematica CEO Paul Decker
Jun 01, 2020

I am stunned and horrified by the events that have unfolded across the nation in recent weeks. Our Black communities continue to be haunted by social injustice and senseless violence. I am offended and outraged by the systemic racism that pervades many of our social institutions, and I am humbled by the reminder of how fragile progress can be. The cumulative effect that the events of the last week had on the Black community, which was already suffering disproportionately from the pandemic both in health care and unemployment, is unacceptable.

In the face of demoralizing news and unspeakable images, I want to amplify my support for our Black colleagues at Mathematica. Now, more than ever, we remain unequivocal in our resolve to ensure that people from all backgrounds have a home here. Let me be clear: Black Lives Matter.

Although many of us can never fully understand the experience of our Black colleagues, we can all understand the importance of ensuring that everyone knows that they are valued, respected, and supported. We all stand together in fighting against racism—discrimination against one of us is discrimination against all of us. We are committed to addressing disparities wherever they exist and overcoming ignorance and racism.

Although there are no easy answers for addressing the current challenges, I promise you that my commitment to doing more – and that of the entire leadership team – is sincere, steadfast, and urgent. We all deserve nothing less. Mathematica is rooted in social justice—it is in our DNA. These deep roots sustain us in times like these and give us the resolve to tackle challenges that seem insurmountable. This moment is a stark reminder of just how needed our collective efforts are. I am proud to work with each and every one of you in common cause to make a difference and improve society.

Paul Decker
President & CEO