A COVID-19 Primer: Analyzing Health Care Claims, Administrative Data, and Public Use Files

Publisher: Princeton, NJ: Mathematica
Jul 24, 2020
Alex Bohl and Michelle Roozeboom-Baker

Updates to the fifth edition include information on:

  • Added new laboratory test procedure codes and modifier code guidance
COVID-19 Primer

As COVID-19 disrupts people’s lives and livelihoods and threatens institutions around the world, the need for fast, data-driven solutions to combat the crisis is growing. This primer is designed to help researchers, data scientists, and others who analyze health care claims or administrative data (herein referred to as “claims”) quickly join the effort to better understand, track, and contain COVID-19. Readers can use this guidance to help them assess data on health care use and costs linked to COVID-19, create models for risk identification, and pinpoint complications that may follow a COVID-19 diagnosis.

Senior Staff

Michelle Roozeboom-Baker
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Alex Bohl
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