Evaluation Design for the Environmental and Natural Resource Management Project in Malawi

Publisher: Washington, DC: Mathematica Policy Research
Mar 06, 2018
Thomas Coen, Arif Mamun, Claudia Ringler, Ephraim Nkonya, Kristen Velyvis, Hua Xie, Helen Powell, Jeremy Brecher-Haimson, Anca Dumitrescu, and Matt Sloan
The Environmental and Natural Resources Management (ENRM) Project works to reduce costly disruptions and increase the efficiency of hydropower generation by mitigating aquatic weed growth and sedimentation in the Shire River Basin. It is comprised of three main activities: (1) The Weed and Sediment Management (WSM) activity involves procuring and using mechanical equipment to reduce sedimentation and aquatic weed infestation at the primary hydro-generation sites along the Shire; (2) the ENRM activity provides grants to projects designed to reduce soil erosion by improving land management activities in high-priority catchment areas; and (3) the Social and Gender Enhancement Fund (SGEF) activity complements the ENRM activity by targeting women and vulnerable groups to improve their economic and social rights and their decision-making power within their households and communities; SGEF also works with men who have limited control of resources in a matrilineal society. In addition, the ENRM activity, a part of the ENRM Project, seeks to establish an environmental trust to serve as a sustainable organization to continue funding ENRM and SGEF activities after the compact closes.

Malawi: Evaluation of Environmental and Natural Resource Management Activities


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