Income Instability and Income Support Programs: Recommendations for Policy and Practice

Publisher: Family Self-Sufficiency and Stability Research Consortium
May 01, 2017
Jennifer Romich and Heather D. Hill, University of Washington
  • Low-income families face frequent fluctuations in income across weeks, months, and years.
  • The design and administration of the current system of income support programs does not fully acknowledge that reality, or aim to reduce detrimental variability of income. At times, program rules and requirements may be exacerbating income fluctuations caused by work and family changes.
  • Policy makers and program administrators and staff should consider changes to eligibility determination and recertiĀ­fication that would promote stable income and reduce the cost of program administration.

The ConsortiumThis brief presents background on income volatility and income support programs before makĀ­ing recommendations for policymakers and program administrators to promote income stability and mobility with income support programs.