Project Overview


To collaborate with stakeholders in assessing which aspects of the Equity Learning Lab make a meaningful difference and yield value in supporting funded partners’ equity work internally and externally.

Project Motivation

Learning For Action seeks to ensure its Equity Learning Lab initiative meets the needs of its funded partners. It tasked Mathematica with co-creating a developmental evaluation and providing technical assistance grounded in equity, diversity, and inclusion. 

Partners in Progress

  • Public Equity Group
  • Robert Wood Johnson Foundation
  • Equity Learning Lab funded partners

Prepared For

Learning For Action

Collaborating with Equity Learning Lab partners, Mathematica is helping generate evidence to support organizations in their mission to internally center equity, which will enable them to drive equity more effectively in their external work. 
Mathematica’s primary goal as the developmental evaluation partner will be to raise learning that partners can use to advance equity, diversity, and inclusion in real time. This approach involves four interrelated steps centered on ongoing collaboration: co-creating the learning questions and theory of change, aligning methods and gathering information, synthesizing and narrating outcomes and learning, and discussing to interpret findings and forward goals. Key deliverables include a learning agenda, learning log, information gathering tools, and learning products. The Equity Learning Lab aims to achieve outcomes at multiple levels: individual participants, participating Transforming Health and Health Care Systems’–funded partner organizations, Robert Wood Johnson Foundation’s Transforming Health and Health Care Systems  team and focus area, Robert Wood Johnson Foundation as an organization, and the broader fields of health care systems, philanthropy, and health equity-advancing nonprofit organizations.

Related Staff

Frank Martin

Frank Martin

Senior Researcher

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Emmanuel Saint-Phard

Emmanuel Saint-Phard

Research Analyst

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