Behavioral Interventions for Compliance Assistance: Design Report

Behavioral Interventions for Compliance Assistance: Design Report

Published: Jun 30, 2020
Publisher: Washington, DC: Mathematica
Associated Project

Wage and Hour Division Compliance Strategies Evaluation

Time frame: 2017-2020

Prepared for:

U.S. Department of Labor


This report provides intervention and evaluation designs for two behavioral intervention (BI) trials that, if implemented, would test whether webinar registrations increase when behavioral strategies are applied to emails targeting a given industry. The study team reviewed behavioral science literature, engaged in discussions with national and regional Wage and Hour Division (WHD) staff about compliance assistance tools, and reviewed existing communications to identify opportunities to strengthen results. Information from these activities was used to identify procedural roadblocks where individual behaviors are potentially acting as roadblocks. The study team developed BI strategies to address these bottlenecks, as well as research designs that would evaluate the effectiveness of these strategies and generate high quality evidence.

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