Characteristics of SSI and SSDI Beneficiaries Who Are Parents

Characteristics of SSI and SSDI Beneficiaries Who Are Parents

DRC Data Brief, 2016-02
Published: Jan 30, 2016
Publisher: Washington, DC: Center for Studying Disability Policy, Mathematica Policy Research

Maura Bardos

A substantial share of SSI and SSDI beneficiaries are parents of children under age 18. Parent beneficiaries are likely to differ from other beneficiaries not only in terms of their personal characteristics, but also in terms of their income sources and the employment barriers and incentives they face. This brief presents a profile of parent beneficiaries and compares them to nonparents. We find that parent beneficiaries differ significantly from other beneficiaries in terms of their personal characteristics and health, and are more likely to be poor. They are much more likely to report employment goals and expectations, but equally likely as other beneficiaries to be employed. However, those who work typically work and earn more than other employed beneficiaries.

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