Education-to-Workforce Indicator Framework: Using Data to Promote Equity and Economic Security for All
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Education-to-Workforce Indicator Framework

Time frame: 2022

Prepared for:

Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation

The Education-to-Workforce Indicator Framework (E-W Framework) is a first-of-its kind framework that establishes a common set of metrics and data equity principles for assessing and addressing disparities along the pre-K-to-workforce continuum. The framework was built through iterative input from 30+ E-W experts in research, policy, and practice at the local, state, and federal levels; cross-walking 40+ leading frameworks; and synthesizing the current evidence base.

Key components of the framework include:

  • Data equity principles: Principles to support ethical and safe data use across the data life cycle
  • Essential questions: Questions every E-W data system should be equipped to answer
  • Indicators: Indicators that matter most along the E-W continuum for states and localities to measure
  • Disaggregates: Key student characteristics to inform data disaggregation and assess disparities
  • Evidence-based practices: Illustrative practices shown to move the needle on key outcomes

Executive Summary

Chapter I: Introduction and Approach

Chapter II: Indicators and Metrics

Chapter III: Disaggregates

Chapter IV: Evidence-Based Practices

Chapter V: Data Equity Principles


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