Family Engagement Impact Project (FEIP): Phase II Evaluation Report

Family Engagement Impact Project (FEIP): Phase II Evaluation Report

Published: Oct 17, 2016
Publisher: Oakland, CA: Mathematica Policy Research
Key Findings

Key Findings:

  • The study found improvements in parent-, professional-, and system-level outcomes. These include improvements in (1) parents’ knowledge and attitudes about family engagement and their uptake of family engagement supports; (2) professionals’ knowledge and skills related to family engagement practice; and (3) interagency collaboration and organizational capacity to support family engagement.  
  • The study also yielded formative findings related to the viability of leveraging of public-private partnerships in support family engagement. These include the importance of (1) allowing sufficient time when moving from planning to implementation; (2) investing in the maintenance of strong partnerships; (3) attending to the difficulties of engaging traditionally hard-to-reach families; (4) emphasizing supports professionals need, especially teachers and schools, to foster family engagement; (5) supporting quality implementation of evidence-based models; and (6) sustaining a long-term vision for improvement in children’s educational outcomes.

This report documents and evaluates grantees’ experiences and short-term outcomes during the implementation phase of the Family Engagement Impact Project (FEIP). The purpose of the FEIP, funded by the Heising-Simons Foundation in 2013, is to offer new ways to build the capacity of parents and professionals for family engagement and to promote positive educational outcomes for low-income immigrant children from birth through age 8 in California’s San Mateo and Santa Clara counties. The report also presents recommendations for other funders, communities, and organizations interested in leveraging public-private partnerships in support of family engagement as a strategy to improve children’s educational success.

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