Sustaining Programs: Lessons Learned from Former Federal Grantees

Sustaining Programs: Lessons Learned from Former Federal Grantees

Published: Sep 01, 2020
Publisher: Maternal and Child Health Journal, vol. 24

Alexandra Warner

Nicole Bennett

Betsy Keating

Key Findings

Programs successfully continuing beyond the federal grant period tended to: (1) diversify funding sources, (2) communicate regularly with key stakeholders, (3) form partnerships with like-minded programs, (4) consider implementing evidence-based interventions, and (5) begin planning for sustainability early.

A common concern of federal funders and grant recipients is how to sustain program activities once their federal funding period ends. Federal funding can be intended to develop or seed a program but not necessarily to continue its activities indefinitely. Understanding the importance of programmatic sustainability, the Office of Population Affairs (OPA) conducted research in 2015 on the elements that contribute to sustainability. As part of the Sustainability Study, OPA collected information from former Pregnancy Assistance Fund (PAF) program grantees.

This article discusses the findings from the Sustainability Study and offers a discussion about how the findings and lessons learned have translated into sustainability technical assistance for OPA grantees.

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