The Teacher-Student Data Link Project: Three Lasting Accomplishments

The Teacher-Student Data Link Project: Three Lasting Accomplishments

Published: Oct 31, 2014
Publisher: Princeton, NJ: Mathematica Policy Research
Associated Project

Strategic Data Use in Education

Time frame: 2011-2015

Prepared for:

Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation


Cassie Pickens Jewell

Sarah Wissel

Key Findings

Key findings include:

  • Building implementation support for states and districts was primarily accomplished by developing more inclusive needs assessments, flexibly meeting states’ changing needs, and providing best practice resources online.
  • Continuing collaboration among states was accomplished through the development of a gathering of a new network called the Chief Information Officer network.
  • New TSDL-inspired activities included enhancing roster verification systems, integrating and linking data systems, and implementing new ways to present and use data.

In 2010, the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation invited five states and three pilot districts in each state to participate in the Teacher-Student Data Link (TSDL) project. Mathematica developed a report presenting findings from 2011, the project’s first year of implementation. Building on that report, this brief articulates three lasting accomplishments of the TSDL project: (1) Building implementation support for states and districts; (2) Continuing collaboration among states; and (3) Creating new TSDL-inspired activities. The brief also presents additional resources regarding the activities of the pilot states and districts, best practices for initiatives like TSDL that intend to bolster linked teacher-student data, and a support network for education agencies involved in similar work.

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