Cheri Vogel
Human Services

Cheri Vogel

Principal Researcher

Cheri Vogel specializes in evaluating early childhood education programs and developing and adapting infant/toddler measures for use in large-scale research projects.

Vogel directs the Evaluation of Preschool Special Education Practices for the U.S. Department of Education. The study will consist of a small scale efficacy study (randomized controlled trial) of an intervention for preschool children with disabilities who are being served in inclusive settings. The intervention will be determined through a competitive process. The study is intended to provide evidence to support a future large scale effectiveness trial of the selected intervention. She directs the Early Head Start Family and Child Experiences Survey (Baby FACES 2018). This is a large scale descriptive study of a nationally representative sample of Early Head Start. Baby FACES 2018 builds upon an earlier effort, Baby FACES 2009, with a new design and a larger sample. The study will provide national level estimates at the program, center, classroom, staff (teacher and home visitor) and family and child level. It will also support exploratory analyses of the associations between program, staff, and classroom characteristics with child and family outcomes.  

Vogel has participated in adapting and refining measures of the quality of home visits and infant/toddler classrooms and child development, and video recording parent-child interactions for use in research protocols. She has worked closely with content experts and measures developers to adapt measures so that they retain reliability and validity and serve as instruments that a large team of data collectors can be trained to administer effectively in the field.

Vogel holds a Ph.D. in policy research, evaluation, and measurement from the University of Pennsylvania.

  • Early Childhood Development and Measurement
  • Early Head Start
  • Early Childhood Programs
  • Early Childhood Home Visiting
  • Service Quality and Measuring Quality
  • Early Childhood Assessments
  • Large-Scale Projects Integrating Data Collection with Analysis and Reporting
Focus Area Topics
  • Early Childhood
  • Child Development
  • Child Welfare
  • Early Childhood Systems
  • Systematic Evidence Reviews
  • Human Services

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