Natalie Parra-Novosad

Natalie Parra-Novosad

Senior Content Strategist
Pronouns she/her

Natalie joined Mathematica in 2020 and has more than 10 years of experience working in digital and marketing communications. She is passionate about and has been recognized for converting complex subject matter into content that is findable, consumable, and understandable by wider audiences. Before coming to Mathematica, she conceptualized marketing campaigns and authored blog posts, reports, and other web content for technology firms, including a data science and machine learning software provider. Throughout her career, she has helped organizations build audiences and brand authority around industry trends, challenges, and products.

Natalie holds an M.A. in journalism with a focus in strategic communication and a B.A. in international studies. Her interest in technology policy led her to write a master’s thesis focused on how Twitter bots frame political content. Natalie’s experience teaching English abroad and growing up in a rural, underserved area motivated her to pursue a career in a mission-driven organization like Mathematica that strives to improve equity and well-being around the world.

  • Content strategy
  • Digital communications
  • Marketing communications
  • Search engine optimization

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