We’re Moving

We’re Moving

Sep 23, 2019
Mathematica Website Rebranding

We at Mathematica are immensely proud of our 50-year history, but we also understand that our reputation is defined each and every day by the quality and objectivity of the insights we offer our partners that help make the difference between well-intended actions and effective outcomes.

Earlier this year we rolled out several important updates to the public face of Mathematica. These changes to our name, visual identity, and website continue to be important reminders of our shared commitment to conducting rigorous analysis, improving programs, refining strategies, and enhancing understanding so that together, we improve public well-being.

But we’re just getting started. Today, we’re continuing that progress by moving our online presence to a new home – Mathematica.org.

Let’s be honest, when we first launched our website in the 1990s the rules of the road were a bit different. Website designs were rudimentary, graphics and images were an afterthought, and guest books and site counters were king.

Screenshot of Mathematica's website in 1998

A screenshot of the Mathematica website as it appeared in 1998.

But even then it wasn’t hard to see the potential ways that creating a virtual version of Mathematica’s front doors could open up our work to more people.

Today, even as our physical footprint has grown to include new offices around the country and around the world, and our commitment to workplace flexibility means more and more employees are working remotely, our online presence is an important first impression for many as they interact with our work and engage with our experts.

Mathematica.org focuses on who we are – an employee owned company committed to the public good—and reflects the broad range of our work and our partners. In making this change, we are in good company with more than 10 million diverse organizations—particularly those with a mission to serve the public good—using the .org domain.

For those of you who know us well, you can still count on the same rigor, objectivity, clarity, and understanding you’ve come to expect. For others, this is an important step in articulating how we plan to build on our history and chart a new path towards fulfilling our mission to improve public well-being. For the entire Mathematica family and our partners, this is progress together.

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