Community Connector: Visualize Social Determinants of Health Scores

Compare social needs and health outcomes across counties

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Community Connector is an open-source tool that summarizes a community’s demographics and social needs in one picture, or fingerprint, and identifies communities with similar fingerprints. Users can use this information to compare and explore similar communities that have had success in addressing social needs and improving health and well-being.

Currently, this app uses federal, state, and local data sources to display the distribution of health outcomes relevant to obesity, diabetes, and kidney disease for counties in Colorado. As an open-source tool, it can be expanded nationally and across health care outcomes to enable additional localities to customize their search for similar counties.

Community Connector was named the grand prize winner of the Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality’s Visualization Resources of Community-Level Social Determinants of Health Challenge in 2020 and a recipient of AcademyHealth’s 2022 Health Equity DataJam award.

We’d like to acknowledge the following team members who contributed to the development of this tool: Kelsey Skvoretz, Margaret Luo, Evelyn Cody, Addison Larson, Emma Pendl-Robinson, Keri Calkins, Ravi Goyal, Alex Bohl, Elena Jimenez, and Stephanie Tuerk.