Developing Culturally Responsive Educators in Pre-Service Programs

Oct 30, 2019 7:30 - 8:30 p.m.

This webinar explored how best to prepare educators to implement culturally responsive pedagogy, including and exploration of how programs train future teachers and school administrators and what changes programs may need to consider to effectively prepare these educators. It also considered core implementation considerations and challenges that programs will need to address.

This was the fourth webinar in a four-part series that reviews culturally responsive practices as a strategy for improving education outcomes. The series covered (1) understanding educational equity, defining culturally responsive pedagogy, and describing how culturally responsive pedagogy can be embedded in broader efforts; (2) research on culturally responsive pedagogy and how to implement it; (3) district and school policies that support culturally responsive pedagogy; and (4) initiatives to implement culturally responsive pedagogy in pre-service training programs for teachers and administrators.

Speakers included:

Amy Johnson, senior fellow, REL Mid-Atlantic at Mathematica

Steven Malick, research analyst, REL Mid-Atlantic at Mathematica

Conra Gist, associate professor of teaching and teacher education University of Houston

Full Agenda

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