CIPRE Staff: Out and About

CIPRE Staff: Out and About

Jun 30, 2016

APPAM International ConferenceAddressing Inequality—London School of Economics—June 13-14, 2016

Matt Sloan presented early learning from The MasterCard Foundation Scholars Program. The Scholars Program fosters a cohort of next-generation leaders who can help transform society and grow the economy in their home communities or countries.

Anu Rangarajan described the equity implications of findings from a large-scale maternal and child health and nutrition program in Bihar, India, which is part of the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation’s Ananya Initiative.

Duncan Chaplin presented findings from the Millennium Challenge Corporation's Tanzania Energy Project, which was designed to alleviate poverty by enhancing access to energy. Chaplin also described the overall evaluation plan and discussed challenges associated with evaluating energy infrastructure projects.

Craig Thornton convened a roundtable that talked about how climate change risks are creating inequality among and within cities and what policy researchers can do to help improve the situation.

Comparative and International Education SocietySix Decades of Comparative and International Education: Taking Stock and Looking Forward—Vancouver, BC, Canada—March 6-10, 2016

Matt Sloan: "Early Grade Reading Assessments (EGRA): Enhancing Tools for the Next Decade" and "Lessons Learned from Creating and Implementing a Monitoring, Evaluation, and Learning Framework for The MasterCard Foundation Scholars Program"

Clemencia Cosentino: "Partnership to Strengthen Innovation and Practice in Secondary Education"

Audrey Moore: Taking Stock: 60 Years of Monitoring and Evaluation - What have We Learned? (Discussant) and "The Influence of Dosage, Duration and the Enabling Environment on Reading Performance: A Conceptual Framework" (presentation)

Nancy Murray: "Measuring for ResAults: Restructuring Project Designs to Meet the Needs of Random Controlled Trials"

Society for Research on Educational Effectiveness Spring ConferenceLost in Translation: Building Pathways from Knowledge to Action—March 4, 2016

"Learning About Learning in Africa," Emilie Bagby, Ali Protik, and Amanda Beatty, panelists