Congressional Testimony on SNAP Household Characteristics

Congressional Testimony on SNAP Household Characteristics

Nutrition Staff Provide Expert Testimony
Feb 26, 2015

Mathematica senior researcher Karen Cunnyngham testified before the House Committee on Agriculture’s Nutrition Subcommittee at a public hearing to review SNAP recipient characteristics and participation patterns. Findings from a recent study on SNAP dynamics, coauthored by senior researcher James Mabli, were also provided to members of the committee.

Cunnyngham’s testimony focused on three key resources developed by Mathematica:

  • A new SNAP data visualization, which compares SNAP participation since 1969 with participation in other government programs such as the National School Lunch Program and unemployment compensation. The visualization also provides an interactive way to compare poverty, eligibility, and participation within and across states.
  • The annual SNAP household characteristics report, which gives comprehensive information about the program at both the national and state level, and describes SNAP participants in detail. The report illustrates how SNAP targets benefits to the neediest households.
  • SNAP microsimulation models,which simulate the effect of proposed changes to the program on household eligibility, predicted participation, and SNAP benefit costs. A November 2013 issue brief summarizes findings from a report based on estimates from the models, which were developed by Mathematica and FNS.

View a copy of Cunnyngham’s written testimony

Read findings coauthored by James Mabli