2016-2017 Oakland Unite Agency Report

Publisher: Oakland, CA: Mathematica Policy Research
Apr 06, 2018
Naihobe Gonzalez, Natasha Nicolai, Johanna Lacoe, Armando Yanez, Ebo Dawson-Andoh, Sarah Crissey, Chelsea Mitchell, Zeyad El Omari, Esa Eslami, and Raul Torres

Key Findings:

  • Oakland Unite agencies serve people who experience violence, contact with the police, and disconnection from education.
  • The Oakland Unite network provides light-touch assistance for individuals in crisis, and a subset of participants receive more intensive services.
  • Oakland Unite agencies serve participants together with other agencies in the network.
  • Housing is a frequent challenge for Oakland Unite agencies.
This 2016–2017 agency report describes the agencies that make up the Oakland Unite network, summarizing information about the participants they serve, how they serve them, and the successes and challenges they face. This report does not examine participant outcomes, which are the focus of other reports. The agency report is based on analyses of administrative data, site visits, grantee interviews, and document reviews. The executive summary characterizes high-level trends across the Oakland Unite agencies, and in subsequent chapters provide details for each specific agency.

Mobilizing Communities to Prevent Violence: Evaluation of Oakland Unite


City of Oakland

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Naihobe Gonzalez
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