Millennium Challenge Corporation's Electricity Transmission and Distribution Line-Extension Activity in Tanzania: Qualitative Evaluation

Publisher: Washington, DC: Mathematica Policy Research
Jul 22, 2015
Candace Miller, John Schurrer, Nicholas Redel, Arif Mamun, and Duncan Chaplin

Mathematica is conducting evaluations of the energy sector project in Tanzania funded by MCC. As part of the evaluation, we conducted a qualitative evaluation of MCC’s investments in Tanzania on the distribution systems rehabilitation and extension activity aimed at improving the electricity T&D network, and a customer connection FS initiative that offered low-cost electricity connections in selected areas. Through focus groups and in-depth interviews, we collected information from community leaders, household heads, business owners and managers, and staff in schools and health facilities. We found that more than 2,000 km of transmission and distribution lines have been built, providing increased access to electricity for hundreds of communities in Tanzania. The activity also improved infrastructure for the local electric supply company. However, stakeholders mentioned several barriers to connecting to the new lines, including suboptimal locations of lines within communities, the electricity company’s capacity to connect and serve new customers, customer costs related to connecting, and extended wait times.

Respondents recognized the importance of electricity and its potential benefits, including those from lighting, entertainment, communication, household chores, storing vaccines and medicines, and cooling drinks and storing food. 


Tanzania Energy-Sector Impact Evaluation


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