Developing an Effective Performance Management System: Lessons for the Implementation of WIOA

Developing an Effective Performance Management System: Lessons for the Implementation of WIOA

Published: Aug 25, 2015
Publisher: Princeton, NJ: Mathematica Policy Research
Key Findings

Creating a first-class performance system involves the following steps:

  • Develop measures that are easy to understand and calculate.
  • Build a robust, complete set of measures.
  • Create detailed technical specifications for the measures and data.
  • Fully develop the system before implementation.
  • Create documentation standards and arrange for required data concur¬≠rently with system implementation.
  • Provide states with a web-based reporting and validation application.
  • Provide training and ongoing technical assistance to states.
  • Collect additional data to analyze program management and evaluation.

This issue brief provides guidance on what it will take to develop a first-class performance management system that allows states to collect and report accurate data under the Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act legislation, which modifies Workforce Investment Act measures.

Under WIOA, the U.S. Department of Education’s Adult Education and Family Literacy program and the Vocational Rehabilitation program are integrated into the federal labor accountability system, along with the WIA adult, dislocated, and youth programs; and the Wagner-Peyser Employment Service program.

This brief provides recommendations to help federal, state, and local agencies ensure that their performance management systems support accountability and can help them manage their programs. It also provides guidance to help federal and state labor and education agencies develop and implement the new systems to generate quality performance data at a reasonable cost.

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