Measurement and Evaluation Needs Inventory

Measurement and Evaluation Needs Inventory

Published: Feb 06, 2023
Publisher: Mathematica

The Measurement and Evaluation Needs Inventory is a tool designed to assist an organization in conducting a self-assessment of its existing measurement and evaluation (M&E) capacity, with the goal of identifying priority areas for support from an external research partner. M&E activities include many tasks, but for the purpose of this document, they refer to study setup, project monitoring, compliance with research requirements, solution implementation support, instrument development, data collection, data analysis, and data interpretation and reporting. This resource will likely be most useful in the early stage of a research cycle when an organization and its research partner are assessing M&E needs and interests.

The M&E Needs Inventory is part of a suite of tools designed to support grantees as they develop, refine, and scale evidence-based solutions that demonstrate success in improving educational outcomes for students who are Black, Latino, and/or experiencing poverty.

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