Our Way Forward Together with Clarity and Purpose

Our Way Forward Together with Clarity and Purpose

2022–2027 DEI Strategic Plan At-A-Glance
Published: Apr 19, 2023
Publisher: Mathematica


Key Findings
  • DEI is Mathematica’s “North Star” — how we demonstrate through our people, work, and practices that DEI is the why, what, and how we achieve our mission to improve public well-being.
  • Mathematica organized its DEI Strategic Plan around four interrelated strategic pillars: Workforce, Workplace, Our Work, and Marketplace.

In 2021, Mathematica embarked on a strategic planning process in support of our vision to shape an equitable and just world. The result of that process is our 2022–2027 DEI Strategic Plan, Mathematica’s action plan for achieving our DEI goals and expected outcomes. This five-year plan sets a clear direction for our DEI goals, actions, and expected outcomes and positions us to make meaningful impact in the coming years.

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