COVID-19 School Planning and Response

Data-driven solutions help you develop the right policies to minimize the spread of COVID-19 while ensuring your students get the education services they need.

Ready to let data guide your policies?

Our experts in education policy and data science work with you to guide your reopening, testing, and mitigation strategies.

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Choose your path

Our layered solutions are customizable to address your institution's unique obstacles.

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Predict outcomes

Use predictive models to find the most effective policies to minimize the spread of COVID-19 in your institution.

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Maximize learning

Find the right balance between virtual and in-person learning and school activities.

School Planning and Response Services

Guide recovery and build resilience.

Our data science, education, and public health experts guide your path to recovery with objective research, data modeling tools, contact tracing, and dashboards. Learn more about our services.

K 12 Services

K 12 Services

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University and College Services

University and College Services

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Featured Dashboard

Compare COVID-19 Testing Strategies in K-12 Schools

Schools across the country are making difficult decisions about how to implement COVID-19 testing. This impact estimator, designed by Mathematica and The Rockefeller Foundation, helps schools and public health agencies make these decisions.

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