Board of Directors

Since 1986, Mathematica’s Board of Directors has been an inclusive body dedicated to providing governance and oversight that help inform our enterprise vision and strategy and shape our organization. A leader among its peers in gender and racial/ethnic diversity, the Mathematica Board of Directors is comprised of members representing diverse backgrounds, perspectives, and experiences integral to advancing Mathematica’s mission of improving public-well-being. Mathematica’s Board members share our company's commitment to shaping an equitable and just world where evidence drives decisions for global impact.

Lee C. Gatewood

Institutional Investment: Retired

Paul T. Decker

President and Chief Executive Officer

Jaideep Bajaj

Chair, ZS Associates Inc.

Donna Levin

CEO, Arthur M. Blank School for Entrepreneurial Leadership at Babson College

Nancy Birdsall

Senior Fellow and President Emeritus, Center for Global Development

Matthew Salganik

Professor of Sociology, Princeton University

Maria Cancian

Dean of the McCourt School of Public Policy at Georgetown University

Judy Smythe

Chief Executive Officer, Aural Analytics