Four Ideas for Diversifying the Teacher Workforce

Diversifying the teacher workforce—that is, increasing the share of teachers who have the same racial/ethnic and linguistic backgrounds as the students they teach—is a topic of growing interest to many states and school districts nationwide. Interest in this topic is motivated by evidence that students of color experience better academic and behavioral outcomes when they are taught by teachers of color. Education leaders could benefit from specific ideas on how to implement strategies for diversifying their teacher workforce.

To address this need, representatives from all 10 Regional Educational Laboratories (RELs) joined forces to create an infographic with research-based ideas on ways to implement promising strategies to enhance teacher diversity. This resource reflects the work of multiple RELs and federally funded Comprehensive Centers. It covers strategies aligned with the stages of the teacher pipeline—recruiting teachers into preparation programs, preparing and certifying teacher candidates, hiring them into districts and schools, and supporting them on the job.

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Eryn Gorang

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