Evaluation of the Liberia Power Compact: Interim Findings

Evaluation of the Liberia Power Compact: Interim Findings

Published: Nov 01, 2020
Publisher: Mathematica

Candace Miller

MCHPP (Liberia’s largest energy asset) was successfully rehabilitated, but LEC is unprepared to assume MCHPP operations, maintenance, training (OMT). Inadequate payments to OMT risks turbine or plant failure, performance losses, extended outages, higher rehab costs and emergency situations. LEC continues to face a grave financial situation; however, the management services contract (MSC) Electricity Supply Board International (ESBI) has achieved some success. Still, LEC requires increased funding for operating and capital expenses, sustained donor and government support to continue operations. LEC management and leadership is critical moving forward. Liberians value and demand “LEC current” and feel that it improves quality of life and feelings of security. And yet, limited education on electricity infrastructure and low quality infrastructure present safety risks.

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