Liberia Energy Project: Evaluation Design for the Water Pipeline Sub-Activity

Liberia Energy Project: Evaluation Design for the Water Pipeline Sub-Activity

Published: Jan 08, 2021
Publisher: Mathematica
Associated Project

Independent Evaluation of the Liberia Energy Project

Time frame: 2017-2025

Prepared for:

Millennium Challenge Corporation


Poonam Ravindranath

Arif Mamun

In 2018, Millennium Challenge Corporation (MCC) contracted Mathematica to conduct impact and performance evaluations of the Liberia Energy Project. This report describes Mathematica’s evaluation design for the Mt. Coffee Support Activity (Activity 3), which includes a sub-activity to construct a water pipeline from MCHPP to the water treatment plant. The water treatment plant, which supplies purified drinking water to Monrovia, previously received water from the St. Paul River through a decrepit pre-civil war pipeline. In the chapters that follow, we provide context for the evaluation and describe its planned design in further detail. In Chapter II, we present the program logic, describe the interventions under the pipeline sub-activity, and summarize the existing literature on piped water access in sub-Saharan Africa. In Chapter III, we outline the questions that the evaluation seeks to answer and provide an overview of the evaluation designs and data sources that will enable us to answer these questions. In Chapter IV, we list the key challenges to the evaluation and offer strategies to mitigate them. Chapter V discusses administrative issues.

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