Measurement and Evaluation Checklist: Validate Effectiveness (Phase 4)

Measurement and Evaluation Checklist: Validate Effectiveness (Phase 4)

Published: Feb 07, 2023
Publisher: Mathematica

The Measurement and Evaluation (M&E) Checklist is a resource that guides users through an evidence-building process to design, refine, and test a solution in collaboration with stakeholders from a priority community. The checklist includes four documents, one for each of the evidence-building phases: Design the Solution (Phase 1), Refine the Solution (Phase 2), Assess for Early Evidence of Success (Phase 3), and Validate Effectiveness (Phase 4). The checklist activities focus on iterative learning, which may mean completing a phase multiple times, moving backwards to a previous phase, or abandoning a solution altogether.

This portion of the M&E Checklist guides users specifically through Phase 4 of the evidence-building process, which describes how to conduct a large pilot study and demonstrate with a high degree of confidence that the solution leads to improved outcomes for students in a priority community.

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