Comprehensive Primary Care Plus (CPC+) Model: Evaluation of the Third Year (2019) Findings at a Glance

Comprehensive Primary Care Plus (CPC+) Model: Evaluation of the Third Year (2019) Findings at a Glance

Published: Jan 19, 2021
Publisher: Mathematica

Deborah Peikes

Kaylyn Swankoski

Ann O’Malley

Kristin Geonnotti

Ha Tu

Min-Young Kim

Ning Fu

Eunhae Shin

Nikkilyn Hensleigh

Kristie Liao

Melanie Au

Janice Genevro

Sara Pittman

Shannon Heitkamp

Randall Brown

Key Findings
  • CPC+ continued to provide practices with substantial supports including enhanced and alternative payments, data feedback, learning activities, and health information technology vendor supports.
  • CPC+ practices built on their progress from the first two years to make important changes in care, including providing care management to high-risk patients and integrating behavioral health care into their practices.
  • There were a few small favorable effects on some measures of service use, quality of care, and patient experience for Medicare fee-for-service (FFS) beneficiaries.
  • When including CMS’s enhanced payments to CPC+ practices, CPC+ increased CMS’s expenditures for Medicare beneficiaries.

The Comprehensive Primary Care Plus (CPC+) Model: Findings at a Glance provides a brief overview of the independent evaluation’s findings about the first three years of CPC+ for the 2,905 practices in regions that began CPC+ in 2017. A full report on the evaluation of CPC+’s third year is found in the Independent Evaluation of Comprehensive Primary Care Plus (CPC+): Third Annual Report, which describes (1) engagement in CPC+ by payer partners and health IT vendors and participation by practices; (2) the supports practices received; (3) how practices implemented CPC+ and changed the way they delivered health care; and (4) the impacts of CPC+ on cost, service use, limited claims-based quality-of-care outcomes, and patient experience for attributed Medicare fee-for-service beneficiaries.

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